Height Adjustable Table Assembly Video – ErgoYou Online

Height Adjustable Table Assembly Video

Thank You for choosing ErgoYou Online as your preferred Ergonomic Solutions Provider. The videos* below will help you assemble your new product along with the detailed instruction sheet that comes in the box. No power tools are required, you will be provided with the tools and hardware required for the complete assembly which should take 1-2 people, between 30-60 minutes to install.
*Please confirm which video applies to your specific model before starting the assembly process.

Assembly Visualization Video:
Dual Motor | Height Adjustable Desk (2 Stage & 3 Stage)

Assembly Visualization Video:
Manual Height Adjustable Desk (2 Stage)

Assembly Visualization Video:
Single Motor | Height Adjustable Desk (2 Stage)


Please reach out to us on 1800 103 3464 or audrey.r@innofitt.com if you are facing any trouble in the assembly process and we will schedule a voice or video call with our in-house experts to assist you.